Small Groups

Small groups have always been an essential part of the ministry of Northampton United Methodist Church.

We are very excited to be moving into the next phase of our vision—Ignite, Refine and Illuminate— through our small group ministry.

Some parts of our small group ministry will look like it always has but some parts will look a little different from how we’ve done things in the past.

The primary gathering of small groups will continue to happen on Tuesday evenings at what will now be called The Bonfire.

This will be a time when believers can come together to burn bright alongside each other.

Group Descriptions
On Tuesday evenings there will be Ignite groups that will be short-term groups for those who are seeking to be followers of Christ. These groups will include New Members Class, Baptism Class, and an Intro to Bible Study group.  This is a starting point for those new to faith or Northampton UMC.  These groups will only last a few weeks each.
For current members, or those that are looking to mature their faith, Refine groups will look very much like our small groups have looked in the past.  These groups will include a commitment of 6-10 weeks depending on the study and will come together to study the Bible or a specific topic/book.
In addition, there will be Illuminate groups that will look much like the Isaiah 61 group that met through the summer.  These groups are designed to be smaller, do life together, dig deeper into their faith, focus on living out their faith.  These groups will be a commitment of the full school year. 
In addition to The Bonfire, all three types of groups will be offered at other times throughout the week (daytime, Sunday morning, Sunday evening, etc.)
To register for a small group or groups, please fill out the form below and submit it as soon as possible. The first night for The Bonfire is Tuesday, September 20th. For planning purposes, we would like to have your commitment by Sunday, September 18th.

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